Brunch With Bae: Enjoy A Memorable Meal At This Rustic Cafe In Satyaniketan

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What Makes It Awesome?

I had visited The Construction Co. Cafe in Satyaniketan and it totally had the potential of standing out from their competitors in the market. The owner has an inclination towards rustic stuff and that’s exactly how the interiors are done at this spot, giving a rustic feeling to the furniture and wall graffiti adding onto the construction site vibe of the place.

What's My Pro Tip?

The red world shake and brownie love shake are a must have if you are a freak shake lover. Coming to the food, strand baked nachos, chargrilled chicken skewers and lasagna are simply too good. Don't forget to gorge onto some great variety of waffles for desserts.

Anything Else?

The lamps that you get to see in the cafe are done by the owner himself along with the amazing gear wall clock. Also, the cafe does true justice to the tagline: ‘A Food Journey Under Construction’ as the management keeps coming up with new stuff every now and then. An example of this would be the smokey mocktail which was invented on the spot in front of us. How cool is that, eh!?

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