A Glass Full Of Goodness: This Indian Brand Knows How To Make You Stronger

Mother Dairy

What Makes It Awesome

All of us have grown up listening to the incredible benefits & magic that a glass of milk can do to us thanks to our mother & grandma!. And we would like to conclude that they were absolutely right! A glass full of milk filled with some ‘maa ka pyar’ & nutrients is all you need, to keep yourself strong & healthy. Here are a few reasons why you’ve got to add milk to your daily diet!

It’s a drink for ALL of us!

Now, it’s a common notion that milk is only for kids. So let us correct you all! It’s equally important for everyone, as it’s a nutritious drink for all. So, maybe it’s time for a role reversal? If your mom or grandma refuses to have that glass of milk, step up your game and convince them (or rather, remind them) why it’s so good.

Sticks & stones will definitely NOT break your bones!

Let’s recall the most obvious one - milk is packed with nutrients, which is why it is commonly known to be wholesome & has nearly all the micronutrients except iron and vitamin C. You need to build stronger bones & teeth? Have a glass of milk to add a dose of calcium! You need to build up your muscle tissues or your core strength? For those of you who didn’t know, milk has a high biological value. Basically, it has high-quality protein which captures how readily a digested protein in the body can be utilised for the various body function. Additionally, few variants of milk are fortified with vitamins and vitamin D which helps in calcium absorption and hence provides strength to our body. 

Even to date, if we’ve got a sore throat, all we do is add a pinch of turmeric to a warm glass of milk & voila! It works!

It’s Super Versatile

Technically, milk is an integral part of our infinite cups of chai & coffee. It also acts as a versatile ingredient that could be paired with smoothies, oatmeal, or even soups (super healthy). We bet it’s gotten easier now we’ve helped you with some fun ideas! Here’s a tip if you don’t like the flavour of just plain milk: channel that inner chef in you and pair it with innumerable flavours that will make it oh so tasty. To sweeten the deal, milk is readily available. There’s a reason why it is an essential product. So, go ahead and make life easier for you and your family members by incorporating a healthy drink into your diet.

Go Local!

There’s a lot that’s not within our control, at the moment. But, building our inner strength is in our own hands and if we can do it with a good ol’ glass of milk, what’s the hold-up? As an added bonus, Mother Dairy’s totally in line with the current mantra for India: Vocal For Local. Mother Dairy sources its milk production from local farmers and aims to provide the best in every sip. In fact, you’re indirectly helping every local dairy farmer, by consuming their products, every day.

These should be sufficient reasons for us to convince you & have that glass of milk as a part of your daily diet!


Mother Dairy milk reaches you freshly packed every morning, ensuring that you get your daily dose of healthful nutrition, without compromising on the taste! There are so many varieties of milk available to suit our preferences and lifestyle. Their range of milk products such as their Toned Milk, Full-cream Milk, Cow Milk, Live Lite, Ultra Milk, Super T-milk and so on also leaves you spoilt for choice. So, why shy away from a drink that’s filled with so much goodness and nutrition when we have so many options to choose from?

Moral of the story: To lead a happy healthy life, all you’ve got to do is #DoodhPiyoStrongBano with Mother Dairy!

Mother Dairy