Light 'Em Up: DBEL Studio Offers Lights That Look Like An Artwork

    Kirti Nagar, Delhi

    What Did You Like?

    As you walk down the stairs, you get this surreal feeling of being sprayed upon by starlight. The light installation is made up of different lengths of wires with lights affixed at the end, thereby giving a feeling of stars dropping from the sky. The interiors are a labyrinth of curved arches, semi-circles, and rounded edges which seamlessly flow into each other, creating a multidimensional space, juxtaposed with light fixtures strategically placed for maximum impact. The stark white walls are like blank canvases which light up by the sheer ingenuity of lighting options. I could never imagine the multifarious choices you have for lighting nowadays. As Dillraj so rightly pointed out "people leave lighting as the last option when making their homes. They feel they only have to contend with the wall brackets, chandeliers, and lamps, which is not applicable in today’s time. The lighting options have to be decided beforehand. The various choices have to be incorporated during the building process". The design team at DBEL with Dillraj at the helm creates stunning masterpieces which take lighting to another dimension. They have designed many spaces - homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and cafes. They are primarily creating three kinds of designs: 1. LED Light Profiles Extremely popular in commercial designs and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. They also help in reducing the energy consumption by 60 to 70 per cent. 2. Starverse Installation The concept behind this is to give a modern and minimalist approach to chandeliers. This idea is inspired by stars being the ultimate source of light and reflection, this versatile product is best suited for residential as well as commercial projects. 3. Amaranthine Collection This new collection is truly unique and innovative and reflects an inimitable design sense that perfectly blends classic influences with modern lines and has a contemporary and timeless feel to it. Head to this place if you are looking for some outstanding and unique lighting options for your home or workspaces

    How Much Did It Cost?

    INR 3,000+

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      Kirti Nagar, Delhi