A Perfect Place For Asian Cuisine In Malviya Nagar

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What Makes It Awesome?

Was visiting my parents back home in Delhi, and was driving by in the search of a nice Asian place when I stumble across this. It had just opened 2 months back and was barely 3 km from my house. So, my friend and I decided to grab a quick lunch at Oodles Noodles. It's a nice and petite restaurant with not much seating space, but it's cosy, and the service speed is fast. Our whole meal didn't even take a whole hour to be done with. The owner was there to help us decide what to eat, and the food was quite delicious indeed. The following section gives a brief overview of all the dishes that I tried:

Chicken and Chives Dimsums (8.5/10) - I loved how moist these were and just melted in the mouth. The chives added a subtle flavour to the dim sum, which along with the sweet chilli dip was a hit.

Thai Chicken and Cashew Nut (9/10) - I loved this dish and was probably my favourite out of all that I tried. It was a great mix of sweet, salty and spicy. At first, you felt a little sweet flavour, which turned to salty, and then you felt the heat in the mouth from the chillies. The chicken was nicely cooked and quite succulent, with the cashews adding a nice textural contrast in terms of crunch.

Kung Pao Chicken (8.5/10) - This was quite a nice gravy, and again quite well made. I've tried this dish at several places, and this was right up there. The chicken was well cooked, and the flavour had seeped right inside. while the peanuts were generous in number and remained crispy.

Singapore Noodles Veg (8.5/10) - As recommended by the owner, these have a good number of veggies in them, and they certainly did. I quite liked how the noodles didn't have a lot of soy sauce added, but just enough flavour of garlic and vinegar to enjoy the gravy with. The vegetables still had a little bite to them and weren't all mushy.

Overall, a nice place with good tasting food and amazing service speed. They seem to be using good quality ingredients which you can yourself see in the dish. Would recommend that you drop in for a quick meal or just order in the comfort of your homes.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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