Mirrorwork & Pretty Pastels: Abhinav Mishra's Wedding Apparel Is Gorgeous

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What Makes It Awesome

Designer bridalwear from a great, up-and-coming designer that isn't priced like most designerwear. Being somewhat of a bridalwear novice myself, I looked around the office and posed a question to my colleagues post my visit to the beautiful, Abhinav Mishra store in Shahpur Jat. "If a full, bridal lehnga with intense beadwork and mirrorwork is around INR 80,000-90,000, off the top of my head—is that insanely expensive?" Almost every girl in the room responded with "um, no—especially if it's designer!"

That's Abhinav Mishra in a nutshell, for you. 

The store is neatly laid out with whatever is Abhinav's current collection (at the moment, this is gentle pastels, midnight blues and blacks with some traditional loud boys thrown in). Mirrorwork is their USP, and I was told at the store that Abhinav is best known for his pastel lehengas (I could see why), so go here especially if you want those, or a crossover of these two in specific. 

If pretty pastels are not your vibe, try a near-gothic dark hue instead. Kudos to any bride that can pull off a decadent black or a lush, full blue on her wedding day—norm breaking meets statement-making in the best way possible. They also have more traditional hues, but they weren't the big sell, in my opinion.

They also have started doing menswear in recent although, they mostly have kurtas but I am sure that they'll soon add more options to their range.

What Could Be Better

Their offline stores (in Shahpur Jat and Chhatarpur) definitely have much more variety but their online store will surely give you an idea as to what more you could expect at the stores.


They also have costume, bridal jewellery popping at their store (Shahpur Jat one) from a place called Chhavi Jewels, in case you don't want to make multiple stops. 


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