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The Complete Guide To Adopting A Doggy In Gurgaon

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Instead of spending your money on buying a pure-bred dog, adopt one that will forever wag his tail at you for rescuing him. Adopted dogs may need more care but they make for permanent, loving best friends. Before you start looking at places to buy, you should definitely check out these alternatives.

Umeed: The Rehabilitation Centre

This shelter constantly updates their Facebook page with details of doggies that are up for adoption. We advise you to call beforehand and make an appointment, if you’re looking to bring home your new best friend. They even have some cats up for adoption, if you’re more feline-friendly.

icon-placeAvailable Online

This online store for pets has a section dedicated to adoption in Gurgaon. You can filter the search according to breed and gender and have a look, without leaving the house. If you have a dog that you want to put up for adoption, the site lets you do that as well.

Where: Start browsing here

Minty Sodhi

Minty is an individual who partners with various NGOs in Gurgaon, but works independently to help find animals a home. You can find details of some dogs up for adoption on the Facebook group named ‘Sukhmani for Animals…An initiative of Sukhmani Sewa’. As she doesn’t run the group, it would be best to contact her personally to get updates and explore various adoption alternatives.

Do drop a text message for a prompt response!

Contact: + 91 9953607585

Nadir Khan

Another individual who works independently, Nadir ensures that all the strays under his care are vaccinated, sterilised {if required} and have received proper medical care. He updates his personal Facebook account with details of dogs available for adoption. He also welcomes calls regarding your new furry friend!

Contact: +91 9717189909

Check out his Facebook page here.

Madhu Goyal

A well-known name in the adoption circuit, Madhu Goyal is the person to contact, if you’re puppy-hunting. She’s not bound by location and the dogs she puts up for adoption are not in Gurgaon alone, but spread all over Delhi/NCR. Various NGOs seek her out for help regarding abandoned dogs in their care. She’s also on the lookout for foster homes if you can’t afford to adopt a dog permanently.

Contact: +91 9871745109 or write to her at


We suggest you take a car, because the metro is a scary place for the newest member of your family.