Delhi is brimming with plenty of new adventure sports making their way here from…YouTube? And the city is responding, too, with a slew of new ventures and groups lending a helping hand to the enthusiasts {or even occasional hobbyists}.

Always wanted to do parkour or paragliding but never got a chance to begin? We’re making it a bit easier for you; here are our picks for adventure spots in Delhi.


Photo source: Pixabay

Photo source: Pixabay

Parkour is already quite a popular sport across the world, and unsurprisingly, it’s slowly but surely making its way to the capital, too. There are many online groups that regularly parkour across the rooftops of the Delhi/NCR you could find on Facebook, and Zenith Academy {with its three branches} even offers a course to get you started.

If, like me, running across rooftops has always been a thing you thought you’d enjoy, this is the sport for you!

Delhi Rock

Photo: Parikshit Rao/LBB

Photo: Parikshit Rao/LBB

Always see a rock face and get an urge to climb it? If the answer is yes, hit up Delhi Rock. With a huge dome meant for aerial dance and rock climbing, Delhi Rock is the only indoor rock climbing gym in the city.

In it for the long run? Get a membership, or just get a day’s pass to try it on for size. They also offer a bunch of activity-courses that you’d probably not find anywhere else in the city, like Krav Maga, Tattva {a style of Yoga} and Aerial Silk.



Photo source: Flyboy

Flyboy offers one of the most unique adventure sports in Delhi, perhaps even the country; powered paragliding. It’s paragliding, only with an aircraft-like engine to help you take off and enjoy the sprawling views of Gurgaon—that’s our way of telling you it’s not yet in Delhi. Though that’s OK, they had us at ‘paragliding in the city’.

They offer a bunch of other airborne services, if you can call them that, like aerial advertising, floral showers {wedding idea, someone?} and aerial survey, among others.

Indian Mountaineering Foundation

Photo source: Indian Mountaineering Foundation

Photo source: Indian Mountaineering Foundation

IMF is the premier mountaineering and rock climbing institution in the country, and offer courses for them as well as other adventure sports. We’d highly recommend going and checking out their humongous wall, if nothing else.

Anything related to mountains, like trekking, mountaineering, skiing etc., and IMF has a course for it. They regularly organize excursions and expeditions to various places in the country; you can check out their website for updates.

#LBBTip: If you’re new to climbing/mountaineering, we recommend hiring the equipment instead of buying it for your first time.

Hot-Air Balloon

Photo source: Skywaltz Balloon Safari

Photo source: Skywaltz Balloon Safari

There’s nothing quite like gently soaring above the clouds in a hot air balloon and getting lost in the bird’s eye view {literally} of the city’s hectic life. Many places in the city offer balloon rides in and around the city, though we highly recommend going slightly away from the almost-opaque layer of polluted Delhi air to fully enjoy the experience.

Obstacle Courses

Photo source: Marc Doliner via flickr

Photo source: Marc Doliner via flickr [CC BY 2.0]

If your agility allows, we’d highly suggest taking one of the various obstacle courses in and around the city to test your limits. Our pick? Check out Damdama lake for some serene views and an evening full of some good ol’ adventure. They have a bunch of different acitivites, too, like rappeling, rock climbing, ziplining and the bunch, so have enough time on your hands whenever you visit.


Photo source: Sportz Craft Inc.

Photo source: Sportz Craft Inc.

Whether you want to get better at shooting random birds in your backyard or plan to enter the Olympics, Delhi has its fair share of shooting enthusiasts and hobbyists to help you with it. For options, check out Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range, National Rifle Association of India or SportzCraft Inc.

Featured photo source: Indian Mountaineering Foundation