Eat Your Food & The Bowl Too! These Afghani Women & College Students Are Trying To Do Away With Plastic

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Enactus, a group of students from Kirori Mal College, are employing a community of Afghani migrant women {in the Bhogal district of Delhi} to try and solve the problems of excessive plastic waste in the city. The idea is ingenious. They are creating edible utensils, using ragi, wheat and millet while empowering a marginalised community.

The bowls come in a variety of sizes {starting from small 5.3cm*1.75cm to larger 8cm*4.2cm}. For every 250 edible bowls, one stops the wastage of about 1kg of plastic, and approximately 14 litres of fresh water. Supporting the cause by buying the products or donating to the production only helps this city improve. Wouldn’t it be nice to finish a bowl of nachos dip, and then eating the bowl as well? This is Project Patradya.

Watch a video here, and follow, purchase, and donate to them here


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