This Healing Aromatherapy Brand Makes Awesome Scrubs, Candles & More

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What Makes It Awesome

Okay, we all know a ton of skincare brands but what about a skincare brand that uses nature, organic ingredients and aromatherapy, all at once, to make some really, really soothing remedies for glowing skin? Let us introduce you to Afterglow that does all that and more. From body scrubs and lip balms to candles and salves, they make a bunch of effective products that should make their way to your home. 

They have some sugar based body scrubs with green tea, rose, coffee and lemon and salt scrubs with rose and lavender (which is the most soothing out of all.) Their lip balms come in cute little jars in flavours like rose, peppermint and even cinnamon if you like your balms to be sweet. If you love candles, check out their soy wax candles with crystals like rose quartz, amethyst and citrine. For more healing than scent and aesthetics, their roll-on oils and salves come in a bunch of variants ranging from pain relievers to those that’ll help you breathe easier if you’ve got a cold. 

We love that they slowly infuse their oils through a month-long process in small batches rather than taking shortcuts that would take the nutrients out of the natural ingredients. Plus, they get extra points for being cruelty-free and on their way to being plastic-free, too!

Price: INR 299 onwards


They also do customised and specially curated gift boxes that they’d be happy to help you choose over Whatsapp. 

Also, in case you can't decide which scent to pick, we recommend you get the lavender which is their bestseller. 


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