Find Stunning Wooden Tables, Chairs & Outdoor Furniture At This Furniture Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Alankaram, meaning the 'art of decorating' in Sanskrit, is a Delhi-based store that does the most beautiful wooden furniture we've seen in a while. We first came across their website and decided to make a trip to their factory in Badarpur to see if their stuff was actually as pretty as their pictures. Verdict: It really is. 

Their factory has a display area which is where most of their finished products are kept. You'll find everything from pretty chairs, sofas, and beds, to wrought iron outdoor furniture, desks, and cabinets here. Their variety of chairs and sofas are what we were particularly impressed by. Starting at about INR 12K, you can find colourful wooden bar stools, square beechwood chairs, cushioned seats with beautiful fabrics, and the nicest polished wooden chairs. 

In case you're looking for desks and aren't limited by a budget, their Lovit desk with an in-built plug port, wireless charger and JBL speakers is everything that we need in life (but are too broke to buy because it's priced at INR 1,10,000). Other interesting pieces at Alankaram are the hand-painted teakwood tables (set of two for INR 65,000), the wooden round table with marbled blue design (pictured), and the teal blue wooden cabinet. 

Coming to accessories, they also offer a small section of candle stands, storage boxes, and embroidered cushions starting at INR 800. 

What Could Be Better

We felt that some of their stuff is expensive. However, if you're the kind who gives precedence to quality and design (and don't mind shelling extra for the same), money shouldn't be a problem.

Pro Tip

Don't want to travel to a faraway factory? You can check out their stuff online too. They ship products across the world.

Just FYI, they're also open to creating customised furniture. Wish to know more? Hit up the "Message" button with any queries that you may have. 


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