These Alcoholic Chuskis Taste Like Summer & Nostalgia Rolled Into One

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Summers are almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in ice-cold chuski, with just a dash of alcohol. Of course.

A Buzz And A Brain Freeze

The meetha vs. kala khatta chuski debate is one from the history books. Lord Of The Drinks, or as it’s famously known, LOTD, has a way of taking you back to summertime when winter sets in. Their menu has a ‘chuski bar’ section, which we don’t know how we’ve missed so far during our innumerable visits.

They’ve got hard-hitting flavours like LIIT with Kala Khatta, Vodka and Rose, Rum, Chocolate and Vanilla, and a few more. The servings are your regular ice-lollies on a stick and is drowned in a sweet syrup full of your favourite alcohol {we’re going for rum}.

We’ve been told you tend to get buzzed pretty quickly on these {alcohol + sugar, duh, what do you expect}, so we’re going to challenge ourselves to try as many flavours as we can before we hit the floor. Which one are you going for?

So, We’re Saying…

Winter’s coming and before we start breathing misty air and don ourselves in leather jackets, we recommend a brain-freezing shot from this chuski bar.


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