All-Day Breakfast Spots That We Love

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We all love waking up to eggs and bacon, but what about the rest of the day? Here’s a list of places where you can get your brekkie fix regardless of how late you wake up. Pancakes for tea? We’re game.

The Coffee Shop

When at The Coffee Shop, we’re suggesting TCS Himalayan Breakfast, which is a platter full of Tibetan bread, spicy aloo, Himalayan Gorkha Achar, sausages and masala omelette.

But if you want to stick to the conventional, they’ve also got an American breakfast and an English breakfast. Don’t forget to try their Columbian coffee while you’re there.

Music & Mountains

The menu at our beloved Music & Mountains features an all-day-breakfast with all-the-frills—sour cream, chorizo, bacon, sausage and more bacon—and we love it. We have this place bookmarked for all our cheat days, mainly because their portions are huge.

Try the St Claire’s cheddar cheese omelette with crispy bacon and pork franks…or anything off the menu, really; it’s all amazing.

The All American Diner

An age-old favourite amongst Dilliwallas the American Diner continues to be frequented for its breakfast menu. The signature breakfast dishes laden with stacks of pancakes, eggs, sausages, baked beans, grilled tomatoes and fresh breads hit the sweet spot every time.

Pair them with a thick milkshake or the Rock n Rolla {lemon rind-infused coffee} for everlasting happiness.


A health café tucked away in GK1, M Block, Getafix knows how to do breakfast. Their all-day breakfast menu has French toast and pancakes for the sweet tooth, baked beans and a cottage cheese roll, a bunch of sides {you have to try their sausages!}, and omelettes.

We particularly like the sound of their Masala Omlette, with tomatoes, capsicum and chillies. We’ve also previously really enjoyed their scrambled eggs, and Lime Pie for dessert.

Another Fine Day

For another fine breakfast in G-town, visit Another Fine Day. They have a fairly regular but very well-done breakfast menu comprising Eggs Benedict, yogurt pots, cereals, omelettes, croissant and muffins.

Smoothies, coffees and teas keep those sleepy yawns at bay.

Ivy & Bean

This cosy café in Shahpur Jat boasts of a wide variety of eggs (baked eggs, green eggs with ham, French toast etc), and buttermilk pancakes in exciting flavours like banoffee, cereals and bagels, making it quite the breakfast destination.

Ivy and Bean also has assortment of coffees, teas and milkshakes (go for the dark chocolate one if you have a sweet tooth) that are perfect for washing it all down.

The Blue Door Café

This up-market café strategically located in Khan Market has the usual fare like eggs and pancakes, but also a dedicated section for those looking for a healthy, hearty breakfast.

Grilled fish with poached eggs, omelettes, fresh fruit bowls, and crepes bursting with cream and cheese make it a pretty popular spot for breakfast seekers.

Rose Café

Breakfast at Rose Café consists of hearty dishes like the House Breakfast (eggs, potatoes, sausage, toast), waffles, beans and even a special breakfast sandwich. Accompaniments include herbal teas, various types of coffee, and shakes.

The Rose Café iced coffee is a great pick-me-up.

Madison & Pike

Madison & Pike is high on pancakes and French toast. Available in versions such as chicken, smoked goat cheese or coconut, they attract gourmet lovers from all over the city. Opt for their Dressed Up Hot Chocolate for a warm end to all that gorging.

Café Turtle

This vegetarian-only café serves up a special breakfast menu. You can choose from their Superfood Mixed Fruit Bowl or Yogurt and Muesli Parfait if you’re looking for something fresh. If savoury is more your thing, then look no further than their Cottage Cheese on Toast or the Country Beans and Mash.

They even have some wholesome Hot Buttered Cinnamon Toast, served with honey.

Di Ghent

One of our Gurgaon favourites, we’ve visited {and spoken about} Di Ghent Café many times. It made its way to our list of best coffees, best hot chocolates and waffle list, but the breakfast has us absolutely hooked.

They serve breakfast till 12.30pm at the Di Ghent cafe, and till 8pm at Di Ghent Boulangerie.

Fig & Maple

Fig & Maple is more a brunch spot than a breakfast spot. But when you have waffles topped with chicken, Creme Brulee pancakes and omelettes stuffes with cheddar, avocado and bacon, do you really need a specific time to go?

The Brew Room

In a very short span of time, The Brew Room has become one of Delhi's favourite breakfast places in town. While they do have an 8am to 11am brekkie menu, their all-day breakfast menu is perfect for folks like us. Green Omlettes, Souffle Omelette with three cheese & chives, Cinnamon French Toast and Croque Madam are some of our favourites here. 

Quick Brown Fox Coffee Roasters

 It's a breakfaster's dream come true. They've got the most sublime coffee and eggs (do try their Flat White and the Green Eggs & Ham). Their Red Velvet Pancakes and Avocado On Toast are some of the other things we'd recommend. 

Cafe Dori

Cafe Dori is a beautiful café near Chattarpur that offers incredible coffee and numerous all day breakfast options. If you're someone who likes a sweet breakfast, we recommend their Nutella Toast, Croffle, Banana Bread and Coconut French Toast. An epic savoury breakfast at Dori's for us is their Avo Toast, Turkish Eggs and Mushroom Baked Eggs. 

Also, this cafe is pet-friendly so don't forget to take your pupper along. 


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