Empower A Painter & Invest In Desi Truck Art At This Online Store

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What Makes It Awesome

All India Permit is an organisation that works to empower truck artists and works towards giving them a platform in which they can showcase and sell their art all over the world. With the rise in the popularity of pre-painted trucks and plastic, story-less stickers that can be put up on trucks, an entire community of truck painters not only lost their business and struggle for their bare-minimum sustenance, they also had to resort to other occupations and part ways with their art. As someone who grew up watching these painters create art on the canvas of their choice — trucks, the owner, Farid Bawa, couldn’t shake the feeling that something needed to be done about the plight of these artists. He started All India Permit with an agenda to give these people the platform to showcase their art to the world, and to empower them to be proud of their profession.

Their vision is to preserve truck art — one artist at a time.They meet each artist personally and provide them with a canvas, cold rolled (CR) steel sheets which are used to make truck panels. After the artists paint these sheets, All India Permit makes it visible to the world by putting them up for anyone to buy. Artists get majority of the sale earnings which, in turn, helps them gain financial stability, and more than anything else, pride and love for their art.

All their art is on display on their website where you can place your order. We say that you give their website a look, and pick some quirky and desi art for your home.

What Could Be Better

We would love it if these guys turned some of their more iconic art pieces into graphic t-shirts so we could wear them loud and proud!