This Cafe On Golf Course Road Is Open 24-Hours & It Serves A Lunch Buffet For Just INR 199

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What Makes It Awesome

All Time Cafe on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon's sector 54 is not only conveniently located, but it's also a 24-hour cafe. The place offers a great outdoor seating, a very funky rooftop cafe and an indoor restaurant/cafe as well. The indoor section is super fun because you can play games, board games, pool etc. Enjoy live acts, perhaps test your singing skills on their Karaoke nights too.

What Could Be Better?

Can’t think of anything because it’s off to a great start.

What's My Pro Tip?

The daily lunch buffet is just INR 199! Specials in the menu are available for as low as INR 69! So it’s definitely a value for money all the way. Oh, and there’s a kickass breakfast and special dishes for fitness enthusiasts and runners. Especially on the weekend when you’re out on a good run.

Anything Else?

The outdoor and terrace seating is a win especially now that winters are setting in!

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