Indulge In Some Cheesecake & Conversations At The AMA Cafe

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Amongst all the cafes to chill at in Majnu Ka Tila, AMA Cafe probably takes the cake (pun intended). Thronged by students, visitors and locals, AMA is a haven for people seeking a bit of time away from the bedlam, outdoors and over some delicious dessert.

What Makes It Awesome

Their bakery menu is more popular than anything else they serve. Tuck into a slice of their Tiramisu or Banoffee Pie, especially on a scorching afternoon when all you need is something nice, cold and sweet. However, if you want something richer, go for their cheesecake, and if you want to keep it simple, pick up a muffin. We're also a fan of their pancakes and various egg dishes.

Teas and coffee rule their beverage section. We would recommend one of their ice blended lattes to accompany your snack or sweet-dish. Alternatively, if you wish to ditch the sugar and go organic, they also offer fresh fruit juices.

The ambience is quite relaxing too. You'll always catch locals hanging out on a lazy day, university kids and hipsters mulling over profound matters as well – this is the place to join them, or sit back and observe with some cake for company. The place is also a delight due to its pretty walls, and a few books here and there. 

We say, drop in with your best buddy for an early breakfast (they start at 7am) or spend your idle hours here after class on a weekday afternoon.

What Could Be Better

The popularity of the place translates into no seating space during peak hours. Be prepared to wait. 


If you are wondering how to reach, Vidhan Sabha metro station on the yellow line is the nearest station. From there, take a rickshaw to Majnu Ka TIla.


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