Ama Cafe: Perfect Place To Have Pancakes And Chill With Your Gang!

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So this is the full overview of my visit to Ama Cafe in Majnu Ka Tilla. My experience at this famous cafe was really good. So first talking about the ambience- The ambience is absolutely amazing. This gem of a place is hidden in the narrow streets of Majnu Ka Tilla. The staff is polite and the service was really good. Although takes a little time because of the rush. This cafe has a feel-good kind of environment. You can have a cup of coffee and a chat with your friends or your special ones. The pricing of food items and beverages was neither too costly nor too cheap. The quantity and quality of food justified the pricing to some extent. Coming to this food. I had the fries, pancakes, sandwich, ice tea, caramel latte and cafe mocha.  The pancakes were nice and it was a new concept of fluffy thick pancakes. The beverages were extraordinary. Both the caramel latte and cafe mocha were well presented and were heavenly to taste. I would like to conclude this review by saying that everybody in Delhi should give this cafe a visit. The Pancakes are tasty. The ambience is chill and the coffee is to die for.


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