Amar Colony Unique Furniture Market in Delhi: Mirrors, Doorknobs & Cabinets

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While Kirti Nagar is the name that springs up almost immediately at the mere mention of furniture shopping in Delhi, we feel that Amar Colony has the kind of old-school furniture that is perfect if you want to infuse your home with some colonial style, with a sprinkling of vintage here and there.

Be warned, though. There are no stores that’ll make this a comfortable shopping experience. What you will find is a tarpaulin-covered lane with an assortment of furniture and décor pieces piled atop each other. The best part—you can score a really good bargain if you’ve got good negotiating skills.

Timings: 10 AM - 8 PM (Closed on Mondays) 

Nearest Metro Station: Lajpat Nagar metro station on the Pink line is the closest metro station to the Amar Colony market and is just 10 minutes away. 

Distressed And Colonial-Style Furniture At Shop No. 32

Who would’ve thought weathered, worn-down, really old furniture would make such a big comeback that people would be willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get something that resembled what our grandparents would have gladly handed down to us? So, if you are looking for something that looks like it belongs from the time of British colonial rule in India, then pick up the coffee tables and benches with typical long legs and colourful tiles fixed to them.

Shop No. 32 can be your saving grace if you want to add a distressed look to your home in the form of side tables, corner tables, cabinets, and more, that too with a pop of colour!

Price: Starting at INR 5,000

Mirrors And Dressers At Kukreja Furniture

The frames and dressers you’ll find here can add a dash of spunk or class, depending on the kind you pick. If you are looking for a statement mirror in your space, then you will easily find some huge intricate carved ones in distressed cyan, lavender, or even yellow. You will also find yet not-so-in-your-face mirrors as well, with plain wooden ones with a gorgeous tile set on top, and we highly recommend Shop no. 27 called Kukreja furniture for the same.

Price: Starting at INR 3,000

Vintage Finds At Gianiji Furniture

While quite a lot of furniture and décor items you find here are vintage-looking, there’s one shop in particular, called Gianiji Furniture (Shop No. A-30), where you can look for a friendly Mr Tari Singh, who will gladly show you all his real vintage collectables. From a 100-year-old charkha, a four-poster bed carved in Calcutta back in the day, and a nostalgia-inducing money box, this place is a treasure trove for all you folks who love all things vintage.

There are a couple of other shops that keep really unique vintage items (a marine telescope, for example), so we suggest you walk around and chat with the shopkeepers, who will happily show you their collection.

Price: Starting at INR 5,000

Doorknobs And Knick Knacks At Shop No. 24

There are plenty of show-pieces and décor items you can score in the market, if you have the patience to squeeze yourself into the narrow spaces. If your budget is lower than low, you can at least get yourself an assortment of some gorgeous ceramic door knobs to give your drawers a makeover. And we absolutely recommend Shop no. 24 to score some amazing gems.

Price: Starting at INR 50

Rajasthani-Style Cabinets At Shop No. 32

It’s not just the British-era furniture you can score in this market—to add a touch of royalty to your space (without having to spend like them). Check out the many wooden chests and cabinets with brass knobs & handles, Rajasthani artwork, and intricate metal plating. There’s a large variety of these chests and cabinets you can find here, but none of these will be in a separate section for you to find—step into each ‘shop’, look up, down, over, and under, and you might just find yourself something truly stunning. And we recommend checking out shop number 32.

Price: Starting at INR 7,000


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