Tuck Into Korean Cuisine At This Little Gem In Paharganj

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What Makes It Awesome

The Shim Tur serves fuss-free Korean food at an affordable price. Their selection of banchan {complimentary nibbles on the table} isn't comparable to the ones served at Gung but is a good indication of the meal ahead. Not as refined or elaborate but rather a more approachable introduction to the cuisine. Always start with a bottle {or two} of Soju. I'm not the biggest fan of Kimchi but there's nothing better than a bowlful of the Kimchi noodle soup on a cold day. The broth looks a fiery red but is moderately spicy and has a good kick from the fermented Kimchi. The noodles are thick-cut, instant ramen style and have a good chewy consistency. The sliced pork, grilled table-side with garlic, is always the pièce de résistance of our meal at Shim Tur. The fat to meat ratio on every slice is always just right.

Other favourites of mine are the Kimchi fried rice and the tuna Korean sushi roll. Sushi purists better look away because this one has canned tuna {my favourite, a shameful secret} in a nori sheet wrap with cucumber.

What Could Be Better?

The location isn't the best or easiest to locate. First timers, follow Google maps and then call the restaurant. They are now experts at guiding lost diners to their nondescript building up a flight of dodgy stairs.

What's My Pro Tip?

If you're having the grilled pork, insist on getting a table Al fresco. The indoor section isn't conducive to table-top grilling, so it comes grilled from the kitchen which could sometimes mean tough pork. So stay outdoors and DIY!

Also, ask for extra servings of the Gochujang chilli paste.

Anything Else?

Park your car at any spot that's just a minute or two away from the restaurant and walk it from there.

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