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#bookedonfashion- See the Amazon India Fashion Week With Us

Editors posted on 25 March

By Editors

With Amazon India Fashion Week just around the corner, here at LBB, we're getting all set to bring you exclusive coverage of the runways, the pop-ups and the glitterati through five sets of eyes. Our #bookedonfashion initiative has our team, as well as four influential people from the fashion industry instagramming live through the week, so you can see it as they do! Here's whose shoes you'll be stepping into while it's on:

25th Mar, 2015: The Little Black Book team kicks off the first day, giving you a first look at the event as it takes off. You can expect us to find you the pop-ups we love, the names to get excited about and snippets from the shows as they happen.

26th Mar, 2015: Sharnamli Adhar and Mitali Wadhwa, the founders of the Pink Post-It take over on the second day. Being the freshest eyes we have on board, they'll scout contemporary fashion on the scene, and provide their take on AIFW, in their own inimitable style. They're always on the hunt for exceptional design that comes from newer faces, so they're your best bet to discover the new.

26th Mar, 2015: Border&Fall, fashion blog started by MalikaV Kashyap, who's been a contributing writer with CondeNast India is  taking over to provide you an insider look at Fashion Week. Expect an insight into the happenings, and an insight into the talent, old and new. Her blog effectively filters content, especially when it comes to people and spaces, so there'll be an interesting mix of things to look forward to.

27th Mar, 2015: Edward Lalrempuia, the Fashion Director at Harpers Bazaar magazine is our style guru on the third day. Having worked as a stylist and fashion editor in the past {at Elle and Vogue respectively}, he's got a keen eye for detail, color and cut. You can rely on him to pick out trends, point out impeccable style, on and off the runway.

28th Mar, 2015: The model Rachel Bayros, is the one providing us with the inside scoop! You can expect outtakes from the shows and all the behind the scenes action at the AIFW. There's so much that goes into putting on a show that none of us get to see or appreciate and this time round, we can, through her perspective.

29th Mar, 2015: Ruchika Sachdeva of Bodice helps us close the show. She's made progress in leaps and bounds this past year- winning the Vogue India Fashion Fund and designing a line for Van Heusen. Her clothes are minimal, chic and boast an understate elegance. You can rely on her for an expert designer's opinion, bringing you the lesser known details of the clothing on the ramps, and off them. She understand patterns, detailing and body shapes, so let her be your go-to for intel on the AIFW.

Will you be at AIFW? #bookedonfashion on your Instagram posts, and show us your experience of the Fashion Week!

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