Ambience Mall's Got A New Food Court & It's Nothing Like You'd Expect

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Picnic tables, delicious meals and desserts, a soothing outdoor ambience and even live music - Ambience Mall Gurgaon’s newest concept food court has it all. Called Hawker Street, the place has 19 new food stations (we’ve listed them all below), all inside shipping containers and we think, it’s the perfect place to chill with your family or friends.

Hawker Street is located on the ground floor. Take the exit near Gelato Vinto/H&M and you’ll find it on your right. Also, we hear the live music sessions are only taking place on Saturdays for now.

Bob’s Shake Store

Recommended for: Shakes, Ice cream rolls. Waffle sticks. Our favourites on the menu are paan flavoured ice cream roll, Unicorn Shake (for ones with a sweet tooth) and protein shakes.

Wow! Momo

Recommended for: All kinds of momos, including tandoori, chocolate and pan fried ones. They’ve also got thukpas and momo burgers on the menu. 


Recommended for: Unusual ice creams, be it their flavours or the shape. Their menu also includes kulfis and popsicle sorbets. Do try the Peanut Bliss and the So Velvet.


Recommended for: creamy, delicious kulfis.

Game Of Grills

Recommended for: Healthy Malayali-Arabic cuisine. Their falafel platter and Al Faham are a must-try.

Black Brown Coffee

Recommended for: Freshly-brewed coffee. Also, they pride on all their food menu being affordable and healthy. 


Recommended for: All kinds of fast food. 

Chai Thela

Recommended for: Pocket-friendly chai and snacks. 

Kathi Nation

Recommended for: Fresh kathis with sigri kebabs. They’ve kept their menu as healthy as possible. 

Salad Story

Recommended for: Healthy, meal-sized salads. Weight watchers, this one’s for you. 

Live Wok

Recommended for: Pan Asian meals which are cooked to perfection, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. 

Belgian Fries & Co.

Recommended for: Be it spicy, cheesy, makhani or mayo, they’ve got fries in all flavours. 

Chai Point

Recommended for: Masala chai, Bun Omellete, Maggi

Waffle Wallah

Recommended for: Sweet as well as savoury waffles. We loved the chocolate overload as well as the chicken keema one. 

Kings Kulfi

Recommended for:  Traditional creamy kulfis with an extensive variety in flavour. 

Smokin Stone Cafe

Recommended for: Liquid nitrogen ice cream 


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