Escape The Capital's Chaos By Visiting This Hidden Lane In Saidulajab

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What Makes It Awesome

I ended up at a place that had shops whose shutters were down but the adjacent walls had graffiti designs. I knew I was at the right place when I saw it. Next thing that my eyes witnessed was just surreal! A long patch of street with many small shops, plants hanging on the walls, a green cloth canopy tied as the shelter, wooden benches and people sipping coffee at different corners. Was I transported to some other world? Does this place exist for real? I was lost in this Parisian passageway. It was such a dreamy fairy tale place.

Anything Else?

I walked into a shop that displayed antique handicraft pieces. I wish my pocket allowed me to pick up as many vintage decors as possible. But nevermind! Beside this shop was 'Jugmug Thela'. The name instantly reminded me of a story from my childhood days. It’s a coffee house - bang opposite to it is a beautiful library loaded with all kinds of classic novels. Paradise for people who are into reading. I did not pick any book to read because I had something else in mind. I ordered their Kerala black filter coffee. I waited while my coffee was brewing as I looked around to find different people here and there. A couple engrossed in conversation, two middle-aged men sipping tea and a group of foreigners chatting and clicking pictures.

Meanwhile, I took my coffee and sat on a bench in the corner, under the neem tree, as I opened my diary to write. Yes, the writing was on my mind. I had been stuck in the fourth chapter of a story that I was writing since long now. And trust me I couldn’t find a better place in the city to think, write and indulge in some quality ‘me time’. It felt like I was sitting in the quietude of a mountain village.