Drop By This Cosy Bistro In Chanakyapuri To Catch-Up With Your Crew

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What Makes It Awesome

Comfortable seating, beautiful decor, and great food - what more could you ask for in a restaurant? Amour Bistro, located in Chanakyapuri is exactly all that. Although, let us tell you, if you are someone who likes to choose from a variety of cuisines at the same restaurant, Amour might not be the place for you (who actually wants that, though?). Offering European cuisine, this quaint bistro is way too pretty to miss out on if you are crossing by. As soon as you enter, you'll be welcomed by beautiful decor (think wooden chairs, colourful glassware, empty wine bottles that are hung on the walls). 

As you make yourself comfortable and look over the menu, trust us, it won't disappoint. Amour Bistro has a range of cocktails and mocktails to suit your palate. For cocktails, we recommend that you try their Mexican Kiss (which is basically sparkling wine, tequilla, marinated chilli, sugar, and orange bitters), while in mocktails, you could opt for Purple Shadow (which is made with fresh orange wedges, mint leaves, strawberry, cranberry, and soda). Moving over to food, start your meal with their stuffed mushrooms appetiser (made with roasted mushrooms filled with quinoa, spinach, and feta on Dijon cream) and try Tofu Steak (vegetarian) and Pollo En Salsa De Almendras (recommended for non-vegetarians, made with grilled roast paprika chicken in almond sauce).

By the way, they also have a range of delicious pizza options so, don't forget to try those too if you are there. For desserts, their absolute must-have is the Micro Minute Amaretto Cake with Runny Irish Custard (sounds yummy, right?).

In case you're having one of those lazy days, you can also order-in through Amour's home delivery service. The restaurant is open from 8 AM - 12:30 AM and the market area has ample parking space available. For metro users, Lok Kalyan Marg is the nearest metro station. 

What Could Be Better

We wish they had more mocktail options to choose from.


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