Ten-Second Takeaway

Ananda Kitchen, the latest delivery and takeaway service we hit up, takes us back to Indian gravies, tikkas, piping hot naans and parathas and an excellent Meat Tari Wala.

Curry Me Home

121016_ananda-kitchen2The first thing you need to order from Ananda is the Meat Tari Wala, which is essentially a homestyle mutton curry spiced to perfection. The Chicken Makhani too is worth a taste.

What really impressed us however was the Mushroom Tikka Afghani – stuffed mushroom served with onion rings and mint chutney. So, if you’re vegetarian order this sans hesitation along with the Paapdi Paneer. The Tandoori Murgh Masala is great for when you have house guests and are just chilling with some beers.

The Dal Makhani deserves a special mention for being so delicious, but it’s also loaded with oil so if you’re counting your calories, you may need to get your hands on an abacus.

Master Of Naan

All that gravy and no bread? Of course not! We highly recommend soaking it all up with the garlic naan and the Mirchi Paratha. Bookmark this one for the next time you’re facing unexpected guests during dinner time.

They currently deliver within a three kms radius from their outlet at Nehru Nagar for orders above INR 200; they’re willing to deliver beyond that, but at an additional charge.

Photos courtesy:  Ananda Kitchen