And The Winners for Top 50 Emerging Brands Are...

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India’s a country that’s built on entrepreneurship. And at LBB, we're ecstatic to have created a platform where emerging brands aren’t just recommended, but celebrated. Our mission for 2018’s Top Emerging Brands Awards (#TEBA) was to put the spotlight on 50 up & coming brands that really crushed it this year - and after thousands of votes, messages, and all round love for the nominated brands, we’re all set to announce the final 50.

And The Winners Are...

We’re SO excited to unveil the list for 2018. Huge congratulations to all the 50 winners {your award will be reaching your doorstep shortly}.

The Jury & Selection Process

If you’ve been keeping up with #TEBA, you’d know our jury comprises of some of India’s best creative entrepreneurs who’ve built businesses ground up:

Rakshay Dhariwal who gave Delhi (and India) it’s very first speakeasy in the form of PCO, and has continued to introduce us to cuisines and cocktails from all over the world and our country through Jamun, Sazerac, ATM, PDA and Ping’s.

Aashti Bhartia who's taken Ogaan (one of India’s premium multi-brand apparel & design retailers) to new heights! Ogaan itself has become a home of some of India’s best labels in Design (apparel, jewellery). She also started Coast Cafe and has been at the helm of India Design ID.

Pooja Dhingra, the undisputed pastry queen of our country. Everyone knows and loves Pooja Dhingra, Le15 Patisserie, and her desserts. She also just launched an online delivery for her famous macarons!

Vasudha Rai, our go-to for all things beauty and wellness. Vasudha's led large magazine houses as Beauty Editor in the past. She recently wrote a best-selling book on beauty called ‘Glow’.

Vivek Prabhakar
who's built Chumbak - a nation-wide brand that needs no introduction. Chumbak has raised over $26 Million; and Vivek’s successfully built a brand that doesn’t only have a boat-load of customer love, but scale as well.

The final selection process was a culmination of jury votes and user votes. Huge thank you to everyone who voted for their favourite emerging brands. Keep supporting independent brands in India. Your support counts and matters.

Till next year!


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