Stay In, Stay Safe: Consult A Doctor Online Through The Apollo247 App

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What Makes It Awesome

With Coronavirus cases on the rise, it's extremely important that we all follow the lockdown and stay home. But as we're under quarantine, it's normal to want to speak to a doctor for issues otherwise, too, like cramps or even a headache. To avoid the risk of stepping out, a lot of us are avoiding doctors, too. Luckily, the Apollo 247 App has a feature where you can speak to a doctor online and you can choose to chat via text, audio and video. Without actually needing to go to a clinic, you can consult a doctor, all while you stay home and stay safe. 

Another feature they've got is the Coronavirus Risk Scan that is basically a self-assessment test to check how likely a person is to have contracted the virus. An AI Bot asks you questions like your travel history, medical history, symptoms, etc. On the basis of your answers, it gives you a risk score which could be low, medium or high. The 8 questions were based on WHO's guidelines and the information that you provide remains confidential.

Where paranoia can lead to a lot of panicking, we're glad we have something to help us stay calm in these times.


While it's obviously comforting to have a doctor you can speak to virtually, you should be smart about your health. If you feel you're experiencing symptoms or just feeling sick otherwise, visit a doctor. You can also reach their Coronavirus expert 08047192606 in case of emergency.


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