Laddus For Your Soul: We Have An Increased Appetite For These Gluten-Free Laddus

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What Makes It Awesome

Our memories with laddus date back to the days when our grandparents used to send us off with jars filled with these sweet treats. Mumbai-based, Appetite Foods, also specialises in making laddus but with a twist of healthy. Intrigued? Read on.

Listed as one of the essentials during the festivities and religious ceremonies, these dry and spherical mithais are often studded with dry fruits and a considerable amount of sugar. The dilemma between wanting to feast on these ever-so-yummy laddus and also avoiding too much sugar-content in our diet was instantly solved when we heard of Appetite Foods. 

Available in five distinctly yummy flavours, these laddus are dense with nutritious organic ingredients and free of all kinds of nasty preservatives (woohoo). For all your midnight sweet cravings, we'd recommend buying a pack of the Oats Laddus which are a wholesome blend of Oats, Black Jaggery, Almonds, Nutmeg Powder and other nutrients. These folks even have Methi Laddus, y'all... and no it isn't bitter. If you favour a more chewy and nutty consistency then their Multigrain Laddus will do just the trick. Ragi (which is also their bestseller) and Mung Bean Laddus are the other two variants that you can shop for. 

These gluten-free and highly proteinaceous delights are just what you need for all the times you wish to munch on something healthy. You can either get a pack of six (starting at INR 315) or a pack of twelve. Time to ditch those syrup-filled mithais with these superfoods, don't you think?


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