This E-Store's Nail Products Will Make DIY Manicures At Home So Much Easier

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What Makes It Awesome

One of my favourite ways of practicing self care is by giving myself a nice manicure all by myself without harsh chemicals or acrylics that end up damaging my nails. On a mission to make my nails stronger (I went through a major gel nail phase that weakened them big time), I saw Araina by Arshneet recommended by a ton of nail artists online. They make natural base coats, nail oils, cuticle oils and hand cream for a salon manicure experience that can be recreated at home. 

The Cuticle Potion, basically a cuticle butter, is full of over 10 different types of oils to hydrate the skin around the nails. It’s on the pricier side for its price but you can apply it once right before bed and that’s enough so the jar lasts a while. The Nail Oil is awesome for strengthening nails and comes in lots of variants like lavender, chocolate, citrus or unscented if you prefer it that way. My favourite product was the Nail Polish Thinner; as someone who has too many bottles to keep track of, a few drops of the thinner essentially revives dried out polish so it can be used again and again. For the full manicure experience, they have hand scrubs and soaks, too, that feel super luxe. 

Price: INR 425 for the cuticle potion, INR 595 for the nail oil, INR 495 for the nail polish thinner, INR 425 for the hand scrub

What Could Be Better

I thought the Peel Off Base Coat was a super interesting product to protect nails from discolouration from constant nail paint applications but it wears off so quick, it doesn’t feel like a good long-term solution.


The pen applicators of the nail oil and peel off base coat are refillable so you can only stock up on the refills and end up saving some money.


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