Artists, Rejoice! This Homegrown Brand Will Bring Your Art To life

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What Makes It Awesome?

What's better than creating a piece of art? Having it printed on a scarf for you to wear or always having it with you in the form of a pouch or an album or a cushion cover. Wear Your HeART is a small company that makes this possible.

The Bombay based duo is making sure that anyone who creates a piece of art, from age 1-100, can see it come to life through their products. The process of getting your artwork printed is super easy: you simply call them, select the product you'd want your art to go up on, and then email your artwork to them. Leave the rest to the designers at Wear Your HeART.

The best part? There's t-shirts, cushion covers, tote bags, scarves, utility pouches and a whole range of different products to choose from.

The delivery of products can take up to 3 weeks, so if you're planning on gifting these to someone, it's best to send the artwork to the team well in advance.

They're yet to launch their website, but you can reach out to them on Instagram and Facebook.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Kids, and Bae.

Designer by profession, illustrator by passion; I'm a self proclaimed doodle queen. When I put down my micron pens, I'm busy making elaborate travel plans in my head.