Asia Kitchen: Your Dose of Thai in Noida

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A popular spot amongst corporates in Noida, Asia Kitchen offers some great Thai dishes at reasonable prices.

What we thai-ed

The ambience is not very extraordinary, and since it’s near all the offices, it mostly caters to the corporate crowd, so the seating arrangements are not very fancy. But the food makes up for all the flaws the restaurant may have.

We ordered the Lotus Stem Sweet Chilli, and Grilled Fish in Exotic Thai Herbs for starters. The flavours were just divine. We preferred the Lotus Stem as it was crisp and full of flavour.

For the main course, we ordered Thai Green Curry with steamed rice and Ma-po Khaprow which is stir fried tofu with shallots, red chillies, garlic and basil, with a touch of wine.

Our only complaint would be that they served Basmati rice, which didn’t go too well with the Thai curry, but it wasn’t too bad either. The chicken used in the curry was tender and the curry had the perfect blend of coconut milk and spices. The Ma-Po Khaprow too was interesting. The tofu was soft, and diced into small pieces which enhanced the taste.

What didn’t impress us

If you’re a girl and order an alcoholic beverage, they might ask you twice just to confirm if you want the alcoholic or the virgin version in a very low voice. *Eye roll*


The service might be a little slow at peak hours, so make sure you’re not visiting when you’re in too much of a hurry.



Completely average and utterly forgettable. But we know she's just being humble.