Asian Roots' Signature Spa Is Our New Favourite Stress Buster

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Asian Roots is the perfect place to unwind at when you’re drowning in fatigue. Choose from a range of Swedish, Balinese and Thai massages; they also offer packages which involve massage treatments for a straight four hours. Tempted yet?

Toe To Head

If you opt for a body massage here {we strongly recommend the Signature one}, the pampering starts with your feet being washed and scrubbed with a cane sugar scrub in the common area. You then put on the most comfy cushy bathroom slippers and are led to your personal therapy room.

Next, you sniff at four bottles of sesame-based Forest Essentials oils and take your pick. The different oils target problems like stress, exhaustion, and knots. I was torn between the strong eucalyptus and the mild jasmine lavender but ultimately decided on the latter {a good choice, if I may say so myself}.

The masseuse starts with your upper back pretty vigorously {you can of course, at any time, voice your pressure preference}, then moves down to the lower back, your posterior, legs and feet {I loved the mini reflexology sesh}. After every body part is massaged thoroughly, a herb-filled heated potli is rubbed and placed on the area to completely chase off any aches and pains. Be warned, you may fall asleep, as it’s a 90-minute massage and every bit of kneading pushes you further into a state of relaxed bliss.

You can then chill in the steam room for a bit, and opt for the milk bath with rose petals if you’re looking to go all out.

Tress Up

The ground floor of Asian Roots has a large room completely dedicated to hair care. You can opt for hair spa, massage or a cut. It might be a good idea to get your scalp and hair analysed by the Kerastase camera. And of course, no visit is complete without a blow-dry by Kenneth. He’ll make sure you make plans for the evening, if you don’t already have any.

So, We’re Saying…

The next time you feel like you just have to get away from everything and everyone but don’t really have the time, step into Asian Roots and spend the afternoon there.


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