Head To Aslam's For A Twist On Butter Chicken You've Never Seen

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Aslam’s Chicken occupies a three-storey-tall building in the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk, and has made a name for itself courtesy its signature dish: A twist on the classic butter chicken.

What Makes It Awesome

You’ll know Aslam’s when you see it; a small entrance marked by a pile of marinated chicken, placed next to a coal-powered grill. We were drawn towards the heat and the slow roasting of the meat into a dull orange. Hunger that we did not know existed surfaced out of nowhere and we found ourselves ordering away.

Once the succulent chicken morsels have been grilled, you can eat them right away with a sprinkle of masala or alternatively (and we highly recommend this) opt for the butter version where they dunk your chicken into a butter gravy, making it a greasy and delicious affair—keep those tissues ready. We were also pleasantly surprised to find that Aslam’s Chicken also has non-chicken things; the highlights being the Fish Tikka, Afghani Barra Kebab and Moong Pulao. Ready for your next meal in Old Delhi?

What Could Be Better

It's as Chandni Chowk as it can get - expect way too many people (which obviously, affects the quality of the dish) and we're not too sure about the hygiene either. 


If you want to enjoy some of the biryani the Chandni Chowk alleys have to offer in a proper sit-down setting, you can ask the peeps at Aslam’s to arrange some for you. They’ll never tell you which vendor they’re going to but hey, we’re happy as long as we’re getting some.

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