CP's Beloved Kaleva Is Delivering Their Mithais Via LBB! Go Order Now Now Now!

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What Makes It Awesome

You don’t need an excuse to eat mithai. But should you need one, India is the perfect place to be. Birthdays, anniversaries, pujas, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Mondays, Sundays...just about any day is the perfect day for mithai. And if you know Delhi well enough, then you know about Kaleva. If you don't then you need to 5X your order after reading this! It's a household name folks!

Around for eons, your Nanis Dadis Mausi probably got authentic mithai from here back in the day. No really, they’ve been in the business for 500 years, so you can’t go wrong with their sweets that remind you of the good old days, made traditionally. You know that means with oodles of ghee, sugar, honey but correctly, and not just an overdose of it. Best known for their kaju-badam sweets, gujiya, and Kaleva special laddoos (they have 15 types of ladoos alone, by the way), we cannot get enough of the barfis, kulfi faluda, rasgulla, ghevar (the best I have had outside of Jaipur!) and of course, the divine burfis. It’s like that proper street food, but with premium quality. Yum! They also have samosas, Pav Bhaji, Chole Puri, and in fact over 500 types of namkeen as well, but we’re so smitten by them for mithai, we look no further than that! 

 Luckly, our love for them has brought them onto LBB! Yes, you don’t need to dream about the burfi, or the laddoo. Just order away on LBB, and you’ll get your order within 48 hours, in Delhi. Currently, you can get burfis - kaju, Badam Shahi, khajoor, anjeer and even Canadian Burfi. Plus, Pista Louge, Badam Louge, Khajoor Muskan, Panchratan Ladoo (which basically has the goodness of dates, almonds, cashews, raisins and poppy seeds). You can even order in the Caring Ladoo (made from whole wheat flour, sugar, honey, clarified butter and spices) which is great for boosting immunity - healthy and delicious! Get the Shahi Doda laden with wheat flour, sugar, milk, almonds, cashews and pistas. Go, order, and thank us later!