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nStyle Chica Eau de Parfum

If you are an admirer of vintage, floral fragrances, you would enjoy inStyle Chica Eau de Perfume in particular. Two sprays is all you need to have a strong and lasting fresh odour.
Here are a few hot spots to spray perfume to get a scent that lasts all day.
> Behind the Ear
Give a direct spritz on the pulse point behind your ear to keep your fragrance fresh around your face all day.
> Around Your Neck
A very popular area, spray the perfume at the base of your neck to ensure your fragrance gracefully wafts toward your face all day.
> Inside the Inner Elbow
On warmer days when your arms are exposed, this is a great place to ensure your fragrance lasts.
> Behind the Knees
The back of your knees is a pulse point, so on days you opt for a dress this will help waft your fragrance around your lower half.
> On the Wrists
Perhaps the most popular place to spritz your perfume, your wrists can help trap your scent

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