This Ayurvedic Brand Will Get You Hooked To Ayurvedic Skincare

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What Makes It Awesome

We’ve all been working long hours from home when the work-life balance has become a blur. TBH the constant switch from work to chores may have taken a toll on our #selfcare regimes. So we’re all for a little extra sustainable care, and if that means kicking out those chemical-infused products and going green with our skincare, we’re all for it. 

That’s why we’re excited by Paradise Tree, they’re here to solve your skincare dilemmas in a jiffy. Buckle up folks, because we are taking you on a ride to paradise full of green, ayurvedic, luxurious skin care products! Their ayurvedic solutions with hand-picked ingredients is what makes it unique. Ranging from natural toners, nourishing lip balms to smooth body butters and sweet incense sticks, they have got it all.

Starting with just one product in 2017, they now offer almost 50 luxury Ayurveda products and each of their products is carefully curated with hand-picked ingredients sourced directly from the organic farmers to give your skin the best care possible. From their natural lip balms with a slight tint to very soothing massage oils, The Paradise tree gives you a complete self care package. Oh and how can we forget about their green approach! The Paradise Tree is all about making environment friendly, pure products and even their packaging features only glass, paper packaging and recycled bottles. You can even get a smooth and silky body butter or their majestic massage oil free on a purchase of INR 1000 and INR 500 respectively. Isn't that awesome? 

So what's holding you back from giving your lips some care with their Coconut Milk  Balm or your face a touch of that Dehradun Rose toner? Hurry up and contribute to saving Mama Earth with these breezy and luxurious ayurvedic products. Your skin deserves it.


Their latest products boast a range of fruit care - Jamaican banana shower gels to Himalayan strawberry sugar soaps. Best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a taste of luxury and paradise with The Paradise Tree. You can get their super smooth lip balms at just INR 290 right here on LBB. So what are you waiting for? Grab that cart and upgrade your skincare routine with The Paradise Tree!