Gongura Chicken, Imli Gud & More: Get Authentic Andhra Food At Bagundi

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What Makes It Awesome

One of the very few restaurants serving Andhra cuisine in Delhi, Bagundi is a spectacular place where the primary focus is on dishing out delicious food in a somewhat traditional South Indian setup and that for us is the highlight of this restaurant.

Bagundi has been set up beautifully with ample use of wooden carvings, brass tableware, and wall graffiti that transport you to a serene, countryside kind of place. The wall beside the staircase showcases the rich cultural diversity of Andhra Pradesh and it would be a sin to not Instagram it.

Almost all the chefs at Bagundi come from Andhra or have worked with Andhra cuisine for at least 15-20 years. This, combined with the sourcing of raw material from South India and South Indian hubs in the city, gives Bagundi an authenticity that is hard to compete with. 

We started our meal with the Andhra mutton fry, where the mutton just fell off the bone and the burst of flavours was exquisite. Next came the super-soft crab meat fry and the gorgeous-looking Andhra pan-fried pomfret. While it looked like something meant to be shared, trust us when we say this: you wouldn't want to. It was that good. For mains, we tried Bagundi's keema biryani which is a new addition to their menu and a great one at that. The tangy Gongura chicken with a side of Malabar parantha was our next choice. It had a pretty unique flavour and can be an acquired taste of sorts. Throughout this culinary journey, we had the cold and aptly sweetened imli gud to accompany us. 

The kesari baat was the dessert we went for and it was possibly the best end to a fabulous meal. We loved how it wasn't too sweet and felt really light.

What Could Be Better

We felt that the Malabar parantha could be a little flakier. Also, we would love to hear more authentic Telugu songs while we munch our way to happiness at Bagundi.


While the spice level at Bagundi has been toned down to suit North Indian taste buds, it could still get a little spicy for some people. We recommend that you go for medium spicy when your server asks for your preference.