Calling All Vegetarians In North West Delhi To Bakery Chef

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With just a table and a couple of chairs, Bakery Chef is our pick for bakeries when you’re around North West Delhi. Their hugely stocked menu has something for everyone, and the best part is that it’s all vegetarian.

Sort Your Mornings

Check them out for freshly-baked breads, and the variety is pretty good, too {from regular milk bread to focaccia and cheese}. If you prefer healthier options, their oat bread and wheat pao really hit the spot for us.

Speaking of baked stuff, their cookies and cheese straws make for great tea-time snacks, too, and despite being eggless, turned out to be as good.

Make It A Mini Meal

A bakery is never complete without patties and burgers; we loved their Veg Cheese Burger, Mushroom Patty and the Spinach and Corn Sandwich. For aloo lovers, there’s an Aloo Tikki Sub too. If you’re hungrier, they also have a small selection of salads and pastas; go for the the red sauce pasta that’s done desi style and is super satisfying.

Finish Up With Dessert

A meal is never justified without a dessert at the end, and for vegetarians, this is probably the best eggless menu this side of town. Kids will love the Oreo pastry and Cassata pastry, but if you want a real nostalgia-inducing dessert, pick the cream rolls or pineapple pastries.

So, We’re Saying...

Do justice to your vegetarian stance at Bakery Chef, and seeing that it’s so pocket-friendly, you’ll probably have plenty of reasons to keep going back.