We're Eyeing Banerii's Artsy Terracotta Jewellery & Home Decor

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What Makes It Awesome

Banerii by Mansi Verma is a jewellery and home decor label that creates pretty terracotta products. In addition to this, they also conduct several fun workshops so people can learn how to craft interesting things out of terracotta. 

They've got products like dangling earrings, studs, necklaces with terracotta pendants, and lamps. We adore their collection of earrings and jewellery as they're such a great and sustainable investment, and come with amazing patterns and artworks on them. Our personal favourite are their 'Devi' studs. 

Also, as mentioned above, they craft lamps as well with beautiful hand-painted artworks. Apart from this, Banerii by Mansi Verma offers handmade paper products too.

They are currently retailing on World Art Community as well as via their Instagram page. Their earrings and studs start at around INR 450, where as the neck pieces and lamps are priced at around INR 1,800. 

What Could Be Better

Although they've got their own website, it does not seem to open when clicked on. We really hope they find a solution to this hurdle soon. 


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