Banoffee, Snickers & Salted Caramel: Tried Any Of Keventers' 9 New Milkshake Flavours?

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There’s something deeply comforting about holding that cold bottle of Keventers milkshake. It’s a hug after a bad day. A love letter to a lonely {and hungry} heart and just a great companion, in general.

While we know it’s not really the time to go all brain freeze on yourself, we’re kind of giving into their new flavours. I mean, seriously, how can you look away from that perfectly peanut-y Snicker Superior; A wonderful celebration of a bar of Snickers and cold milk.

Not into chocolate {wahh?! really?}? They’ve got Almond Rose, a take on the typical badam doodh we know so well. A little more grown-up version of it is called Almond Coffee Rose. And, if you’ve got an even more demanding sweet tooth to look after, give their Banoffee, Salted Caramel and Rasmalai {yes, it’s real} a shot. 

If you ask us, we’re intrigued by Banana Pine Coco, a flavour that they claim tastes like a tropical forest and Paantastic, a unique medley of paan and milk. If you’re still not impressed, they’ve got Mcademia Mahem with a nutty aftertaste.

The milkshakes will set you back by anything between INR 195 and 350 but you know it qualifies as a full meal, don’t you?


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