Bengaluru’s Epic Barbecue Bikes Are On Their Way To Delhi & We're Busy Revving Up An Appetite

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Royal Enfields don’t just go to Ladakh. They also do other legendary things like selling barbecued pineapple wedges and hot dogs. The brothers behind BBQ Rides are now bringing awesomeness to East Delhi {close to Balco Apartments in Patparganj} on August 8. I guess you’ll be queuing up then?

There's A Lot Riding On These

Arun, Krishna and Nijish actually started a food truck business in 2015 in Bengaluru but a good thing happened: They couldn’t find a parking spot for it. Clearly, the city had a bustling food truck scene and finding a fitting spot was no child’s play but the three persevered and thanks to that, they still have two trucks dishing out amazing fare. 

Maybe it was the success of the trucks or the impracticality of them that encouraged them to evolve… And think out-of-the-box. Some brainstorming sessions later they realised what better than a food bike to beat traffic and stand out.

What happened next is anybody’s guess. Enterprising, supportive friends joined in and together, they attached a barbecue grill on the side and the brothers were ready to roll. We hear their amazing storage units double up as a foldable tables.

Can’t.Wait.To. See.Them.In.Person.

Wheelie Awesome Food

Our Bengaluru friends rave about their barbecued meats and we’re hoping we’ll get to sample their chicken, lamb and seafood pretty soon.We, however, are kind of dying to bite into their BBQ burgers and wraps. Other options: Prawn Sticks or Baby Corn Mushroom Sticks.

In short, East Delhi is about to get LIT.

Call +919975029279 for directions post August 8 and maybe schedule a squad meeting when there’s still time?


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