Ten-Second Takeaway

With four outlets in less than four months and 16 planned for the near future, BarShala strives to be everyone’s neighbourhood bar. Say hello to a whole new world where vodka comes for INR 60 and whiskey for INR 130.

The Chug Life

The alcohol menu at BarShala is as simple as can be. Don’t go here expecting fancy cocktails. You get straight pegs with a selection of mixers {rum and Coke FTW, amirite?}

The variety is pretty great- there’s everything from Smirnoff to Magic Moments to Teacher’s to even Bira {for INR 100 only} and 180 ml of Old Monk for INR 100.

And of course, where there’s booze, there will be snacks. BarShala offers the basic masala peanuts but in chaat form, along with chicken seekh kebabs, vegetable fingers and other fried comfort food.

An All Women’s Bar??

Yes, this is happening. Well at least, a floor at a time. And the first outlet is going to be Mukherjee Nagar which is going to have an entire floor just for women. We visited the East of Kailash outlet and they’re planning to convert the ground floor to a women’s only space as well.

Start planning your girly nights out, without breaking your piggy banks. Whee!

So, We’re Saying…

BarShala is a great alternative for regular car drinkers as you’re literally getting alcohol at MRP along with seating and a selection of some spicy¬†chakhna.¬†

Featured photo courtesy: BarShala