Scoot Over, Instant Coffee: Beanly Is Your New Coffee Quick Fix

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What Makes It Awesome

Coffee drinkers, rejoice! We’ve found you the future of premium coffee! How would you like a perfect blend of coffee that requires minimal effort and time to brew, whilst satiating all your cravings? Is the coffee connoisseur in you tired of struggling with another cup of ‘instant coffee’? Fret not, for Beanly is here with the perfect treat!

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is a science, and appreciating it, an art. If you’ve always wanted a quick brew that’s delicious, satisfying and charging you up, give Beanly a shot (see what we did there?)!

Beanly Coffee does fresh, delicious and super-quick brews that require no machinery or equipment, have a brewing time of under 5 minutes, and are easily customisable as per your taste. The best part about the brand is that it stands true to its claim of ‘freshness’, which is godsend during the current times.

So go ahead and titillate the coffee connoisseur in you with Beanly's Single Serve Pour Over and Dip Bags that make you a rich, full bodied cup of coffee, instantly.


For a 100% unique experience, add Beanly’s Sweetened Creamer and you have yourself a hot cuppa of Beanly Latte/Vietnamese Coffee. Do yourself a favour and stock up on this coffee quick fix for all your ‘premium’ coffee cravings during the lockdown!


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