Keep Your Hair Game Strong with Beardo’s Strong Hold Hair Wax

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What Makes It Awesome

Beardo, the online grooming brand that loves your facial fuzz as much as you do, diversifies into other pamper ware and will get you to dial up the dapper-ness this year with their strong hold hair wax.

Extremely lightweight, and very workable, you just need a wee bit of it to style your tresses that way you please. This strong hold wax lets you be in control and play around a bit.

The part we totally loved is that it adds a bit of structure to messy hair, but doesn’t look greasy at all. There is separation, hold and your mop is in place, even in heat and humidity. The wax also shampoos out super easily leaving no residue, and we also give a thumbs up to a very neutral and fresh aroma, that doesn’t overpower your lotion or after shave.

Beardo’s Strong Hold Hair Wax is priced at INR 275 for 75 gms and INR 195 for 50 gms available on their website.


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