Beat The Blues With Handis Of Fragrant Biryani From This Multi-Outlet Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome

Biryani Blues is one of those quaint little restaurants that focuses more on perfecting their meaty Biryani dishes than ambience. We recommend you order in and pig out in your own space. Lucky for us, they have a chain of restaurants dotted across Gurugram and Delhi, so you won’t have trouble finding them. 

Jump in with the Mutton Shikampur, lentil-based fried patties of ground lamb stuffed with spiced yoghurt and lots of onions, cooked to perfection until golden brown. If you’re up for some interesting grub, order the Nargisi Kebabs which are an Indian version of scotch eggs; boiled eggs wrapped in juicy and spicy minced meat. They were crispy on the outside and superbly well – cooked on the inside.

The must-have at this biryani joint is the Chicken 65 or the Keema Biryani which is served with mint yogurt and spicy green chilli pickle. The biryanis are served steaming hot in clay pots sealed with dough. Savour the moment before you break the dough mould – you’ll want to remember this. Vegetarians might be a tad disappointed as Biryani Blues fall short on the green menu, although the Veg Biryani is a fantastic dish, worth binging on a Tuesday, perhaps.


Planning a feast for the family at home? Their big handis are perfect for sharing. Also, they are delivering during the Covid-19 lockdown by maintaining strict hygiene inside their kitchens and are following safe delivery measures. 


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