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Beautiful Baskets For Storage & Retro Mirrors From N Square Studio

What Makes It Awesome

If you follow me on LBB, you most definitely know about my obsession with N Square Studio. The Hyderabad based {but available online} decor & furniture company has my heart and has contributed significantly to make me urban poor. Along with their furniture, I love their metal baskets - both pictured. Use them to store throws and light blankets, or fill them up with condiments for your dinner table. I'd actually ordered them for my bathroom, but they're too pretty to be left in a corner. Also, the copper mirrors I got from N Square Studio are stunning as well! {They're currently sitting on my dining table, but are of course meant for the walls}.

What's My Pro Tip?

Their delivery is fantastic! They pack the daylights out of all their shipments - took me a good 20 minutes to unpack everything - so don't worry about breakages. ALSO, just my luck, they went on sale after I placed my order, and are on sale until the 31st of December. Make the most of it!

Anything Else?

Plus, remember it takes about 7-10 days for the shipments to reach.