Ever Eaten Chinese Chole Bhature? Make Your Way To This Gem On Sohna Road To Try It

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Beeji De Chole Bhature is a tiny joint on Sohna Road that opened less than two weeks ago and has an affordable chole-bhature-only menu.

Wait, Chinese Chole?

Choose between the classic Chole Bhature {made without onions or garlic, but absolutely delicious}, their Chinese variant, the rich Makhani Chole Bhature and their Mitthe Chatkare Chole Bhature. If, like us, you have a hard time deciding, you could order yourself a sampler plate {with all three versions but the classic} and dig in.

Mother’s recipes, each of these chole bhature dishes is yummy {the sweet and salty Mitthe Chatkare is gaining popularity with customers, we hear}. These plates of flavourful chole, served with fluffy bhature, start at INR 80 making them a pocket-friendly lunch option, if you work in or around Sohna Road. Pair the chole bhature with their Banta in a bottle {we loved the lemony Asli Banta} or a glass of mitthi lassi.

What We Loved

While we were enjoying spoonfuls of the Multani Halwa, the owner told us about Dasvandh – an initiative to feed the less fortunate. Beeji De Chole Bhature invites customers to pay an extra 10% on their bill, matches the same amount on every bill and puts it into a weekly fund. Every Sunday, the money is used to prepare hot meals that are distributed to members of underserved communities.

Full tummies is just the immediate relief, Beeji’s larger goal is upliftment through education which it hopes to achieve with its partner organisations, Aao Khilaein and Free Pathshala.

So, We're Saying...

Head here for a satisfying chole bhature meal and leave knowing you’ve made a difference, however small, to someone’s life.


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