Order Behrouz Biryani For A Siesta-Inducing & Masala-Heavy Meal

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What Makes It Awesome

Ancient Recipes From A Destroyed City - Behrouz Biryani does a variety of biryanis in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and the best part? They deliver it hot and fresh to your doorstep. Cooking everyday during the Covid-19 lockdown can prove to be a bit tedious. Between working from home and regularly cleaning your house, you may not find the time to indulge in some cooking. Don't worry, order some soulful biryani and you'll be good to go!

As the Behrouz Biryani peeps tell us, the traditional biryani recipe was lost when King Cyrus laid siege to the city of Behrouz and was only recently unearthed by Sir James Casily. And somehow (we’re choosing not to question it) the Behrouz Biryani guys got hold of it, and have been using it to churn out many varieties of biryani ever since.

We had the pleasure of digging our forks into the orange and white fragrant rice on-offer, and it’s safe to say that we weren’t disappointed, even though some of it tasted a lot more like pulao than the kind of biryani we’re used to.

We especially liked the Dum Gosht biryani; the mutton morsels were juicy and flavourful. The Lazeez Murg biryani came a close second, followed by the Subz-E-Biryani. All the biryanis come with a portion of saalan and mint raita.

Need something on the side? They have delicious Murgh Kalimiri (black pepper chicken) and Murgh Angaare to choose from. They’re not too heavy on the drinks, though they do offer the usual Paper Boat products.

For dessert, we’re eyeing the sevai. They also do a Chocolate Ecstasy and a Brownie Mousse, but we’re not sure how these would go with the spicy biryani. Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

Disclaimer: They are following all the safety measures with regular temperature checks and maintaining a clean environment in the kitchens.  

Price: INR 262 onwards


We’d definitely recommend browsing through their website; not just to place your order but to read an uber entertaining story about King Cyrus. They’re still in the process of adding more chapters.

When you’re ordering for larger groups, skip the initial part of the menu and see the options for biryani by the kilo; it works out way cheaper.


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