More Than 20 Years Old, The Bengali Sweet Centre Is Fulfilling All Our Sweet Dreams

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Serving some of city’s best sweet and savoury delights, Bengali Sweet Centre in South Extension I is a legendary shop that has been around for more than 20 years. Any foodie who has always lived in Delhi but hasn’t tried the food at Bengali Sweet Centre is definitely missing out on a lot.

A Sweet & Spicy Affair

Bengali Sweet Centre {different from Bengali Sweet House, CP} is a two storey restaurant-cum-sweet shop that serves everything from breakfast items like Aloo Paratha, Mix Paratha to Indian curries, tandoori platters, Bengali Thali, milkshakes, Chinese, South Indian and of course, Indian sweets.

Almost always you’ll find hoards of people queuing up at Bengali Sweet Centre to eat their famous Chole Bhature but what we truly love are their delightful sweetmeats. Piping hot and crisp Jalebis, gooey Malpua with refreshing Rabri, soft and juicy Rasgullas and their yum Kesar Pista Rajbhog are just some of the sweets that have gotten us raving about this place. And don’t even get us started about their chaat corner. Their Gol Gappas, Papri Chaat and Dahi Bhalla satisfy our unending cravings like nothing else does. Our frequent trips to the South Ex Nalli are made bearable because going there means stopping by Bengal Sweet Centre for a quick bite {we suggest you do the same}.

Moreover, this sweet shop is super clean, offers prompt services and its pocket-friendly rates give us more reasons to head here every other weekend.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re a dessert person, a chaat-lover, a foodie or really anyone with a small budget but a big appetite, do yourself a favour and plan a visit to Bengali Sweet Centre soon.


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