Tamagotchi, Beyblades & More: 90s Kids, You Can Buy These Epic Toys Here

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If we could all just go back to simpler days and relive them, I bet almost all of us would jump at the offer. I'm talking about the times when travelling by the Indian Railways was a mandatory summer vacay ritual and when our parents picked out our what-we-thought-then ugly colour blocked t-shirts! 

It was also a time when our life as kids revolved around collecting tazzos, watching Pokemon, and being the best of friends with anyone who had a Nintendo. Lucky for you, we've actually managed to find all of these toys and things that'll remind you of the good 'ol times online! Now, here's a list you should definitely bookmark. 

PS: Being a 90's kid doesn't have as much to do with the year you were born in as much as it does with your memories of childhood.

Brick Game

Us desi kids didn't grow up having Game Boys, we had Brick Games! The famous hand-held gaming consoles that we played on through our hot and humid train rides to our nani's  place. These LED, pixel screen gadgets were passed down to us from the 80s and were frankly, better than the Game Boy of the early 90s (certainly more affordable!). On these you could play games like Tetris, Snakes, variations of Shooter and some adaptation of Konami's Frogger!

Price: INR 380


Tamagotchi by Bandai may not have been as common as the Brick Game, but it was a loved and favoured toy by the luckier ones among us! The concept: Tamagotchis are aliens that fled from their home planet and in doing so, their ship crashed on Earth. The user of this game has to raise the newly hatched Tamagotchis, just like a child. You've to feed them, keep them clean, and play with them until they grow into healthy adults! 

PS: They can die if you do not pay attention to them (in which case the game re-starts and you get another new born Tamagotchi). 

Price: INR 2,700 (I know, I know, this is ridiculously pricey- but do it for the sentiment!)


This one is a fav with the LBB team; Beyblade seems to have captured many hearts. A colleague of mine even told me a super fascinating story of how her brother organised a Beyblade competition in their apartment society! Need I say more? These badass battling tools are still a classic and you can get them on Flipkart!

Price: INR 699

Puppy Bank Dog House

This is the notorious piggy bank that made saving money so much fun for kids back then. Whatever pocket money or little bonus we got during festivals was happily put into the Puppy Bank Dog House. Those were the days when we thought saving up was easy, and that'll remain the same when we grow up (cue: a very sarcastic sure!). 

For now though, if you're looking to relive some memories and find a fun new way to start saving, get this puppy bank at just INR 205.

Walkie Talkies

If some of you guys had crazy (but obviously cool) brothers who insisted that you should be a part of their make-believe secret missions, then I'm sure you know about Walkie-Talkies. These gadgets are still pretty cool, and stir up a juvenile and nerdy excitement in everyone. Today, you can use these to maybe just tell bae, or your bestie to grab that tub of ice-cream from the freezer on their way back to the room for you. 

Price: INR 791

Super NES Classic

India didn't really have Nintendo gaming systems, at least not initially. So back then, a lot of us played on something called Media Little Master, which was a similar gaming console that you could insert those super thick gaming cassettes into. 

But now, you can get the original Super NES classic, and I bet that's great information to come across for those of you who deemed playing on these grey game pads priceless. Find the system online for INR 16,900. You can also find the gaming cassettes on amazon for about INR 300. 

TY Beanie Babies

I'm sure you've all read about the huge frenzy that took over people for TY Beanie Babies. I mean you can buy a Large Wallace and Squad for a wopping USD 660,000!

And, although it's sort of cool that a toy can become such a great investment, we're here to tell you that you can score other characters at a lower price. You can find Prance the Cat, Peanut the Light Blue Elephant, Nanook the Husky or Mystic the Unicorn online for up to INR 2K.

Hot Wheels

Every one of us know how the Hot Wheels was literally a kid sub-culture of a sort. I mean, at some point, there were so many television commercials about Hot Wheels that I bet there was not one kid who didn't throw a tantrum to get their parents to buy them these toy sets. 

You can get this toy set for about INR 2,099 each. 

Iconic Comics

Almost all of us are familiar with comics. Either we've travelled in trains and read through a Champak, Chacha Chowdhary, Tinkle, or an Archie's to pass the time or simply sat through summer evenings to take pleasure in the light-hearted illustrations and dialogues! 

You can get entire editions of any of these comics for about INR 300 and above. Buy a pack of 10 Tinkle comics from the link below.


This cool toy was probably the earliest sign of whether your kid would grow up to be a hippie, artist or somebody who just wouldn't enjoy a corporate job as an adult (FINE not always but, but come on, you get the drift). You can find yoyos online for about INR 200.

Magic Slate

This toy was the closest we all got to enjoying screen time (apart from TV and Door Darshan cartoon sessions on Sunday mornings). The magic slate was our version of watching baby shark or whatever it is that 11 year-olds watch on their parents' tablets or phones today (of course we didn't sit with it for as long). 

But there was something about doodling on these and then being able to wipe it entirely clean and erase our scribbles. You can find these online for around INR 450 today.


These iconic toys can never really be out of style, or become boring to be honest. Legos are and always will be one of the best ways to ignite creativity (in both adults or children). And, although you can find loads of lookalikes online, there's nothing like the original Lego (considering the materials and size). 

You can find the complete set online for about INR 7K.


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