12 Cafes Around East Delhi For The Best Of Waffles, Pizza, & More

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If you don’t live in East Delhi, chances are, you’ve never chilled here; and we agree, it is a little bit far out. But, in case you find yourself on that side of the city, there’s a whole bunch of really fun places you can hit up. You’re welcome!

The Riding Guns Cafe

Their outdoor seating is where it’s all at. Umbrellas, home-made cake and a cup of Affogato makes this place one of our favourites.


Well, you know, we all do scream for ice cream. Choose from Kids’ Concept {ice cream mixed with candy, jelly cubes, Gems etc}, Donut Concept {doughnut + ice cream!} and Nutty Concept {think ice cream with roasted almonds}. Get your ice cream in a waffle cone or a cup.


Locals swear by this brand of ice cream so much so that it’s almost at par with Naturals Ice Cream. They have a large variety of flavours including Fresh Litchi, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Mocha Almond Fudge, Tropical Pineapple {mmm} and, for the more experimental ones, Rajbhog.

They also do a stellar Hot Chocolate Fudge, and a Chilli Garlic Grilled Sandwich.

Cafe Wink

Need more than just coffee? Head to this cafe in Anand Vihar for lasagna and baked pastas. Our picks/ The Cheese Al-Forno and the Tiramisu Frappe {for the sweet-toothed}.

PS: It’s a super-cute cafe done up in white brick and pastels. This is where you should be holding hands with your SO.

Burger Dominion

They don’t have seating, so make sure you’re just making a short pit-stop to pick up from grub to eat in your car. They do burgers the desi way. We recommend the Chicken Nacho Stacker {chicken patty + cheese + nachos!} or the vegetarian variant of the same. Their paninis have a lot of takers, too.


Chaskaa is great for all the carnivores out there. Opt for the Tandoori Chicken Momos, the Chicken Tikka, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Butter Chicken, lasagna and more. Again, this is more of a delivery slash takeaway place.

Tesoro Mio

One of the fancier places in East Delhi, Tesoro Mio wows not just with its ambiance, but with its food too. Order their Tex-Mex, pizzas {the Milan Pepperoni is always a good bet}, bruschettas followed by a thick Kit Kat Shake.

The Minnions Cafe

This is Minions-themed cafe in Laxmi Nagar is a perfect place to chill at with your fellow Minion-loving friends. They’ve got massive Minion posters, bright blue and yellow interiors, comfortable blue chairs and is decorated with fairy lights. The best part about The Minnions Cafe is its dedicated corner for PlayStation games where you can sit for hours with your gang, sipping on their thick Nutella Shake and binging on their popular Alfredo Pasta.

Freakin' Beans

This outdoor eatery, close to the Mayur Vihar metro station, does stellar Hazelnut Mocha and Cheese Toast. It’s really not a fancy place with cushy sofas and AC but has a chill outdoor area with chairs under the tree, and is decorated with fairy lights {which is exactly why we love it}. Another reason why we love this place? The prices.

The Delhi Munchery

This neighbour eatery, right next to Freakin’ Beans has a sizzling BBQ that dishes out hot rolls and tikkas. It has a small, indoor area and pretty, outdoor area that’s done up with cute, fairy lights. Our favourites here would have to be the Nizami Soya Chaap Roll and the Roasted Chicken Afghani. The prices here won’t pinch, so you’ve got more reasons to go check it out.

The Waffee

This eatery is one of our favourite places to eat at in Vivek Vihar, especially when we don’t want to think too much. They do a variety of burgers, pizzas, waffles and shakes that are comfort food 101. We usually stick to our order of Pizza-loaded Fries, their BBQ Paneer Burger and Hot Chocolate. We’ve also heard great things about their Jalapenos Peri Peri Fries, so you might want to try that too. End your meal here with their Oreo Bubble Waffle, maybe?


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