Coffee Date? We're Spilling The Beans On The Best Cafes In G-Town

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Coffee is comfortably wedged in our vocabularies and lives. Sometimes, it’s the goodness of the bean that we’re after, and sometimes just a moment’s peace to breathe in that deliciously comforting aroma of freshly-ground beans.

We’re not going to question what your coffee intentions are. But we’ll make sure you know where to get your next cup with these cafes in Gurgaon.

Disclaimer: Please ensure you wear a mask if you choose to step out and continue to practice social distancing. 

Di Ghent Café

Let’s get this straight; Belgium has the best waffles, the best chocolate AND the best coffee? Well, it certainly appears so after our nth visit to this cosy café, named after the third largest city in that rather lucky country. The pleasant team behind Di Ghent Cafe has gone to great lengths to ensure that the finest coffee beans are perfectly roasted, and always perfectly served.

Another Fine Day

A café and a reading room, this is the perfect place for a solitary cup of coffee with your favourite book, or you could borrow one of theirs (if you promise to give it back). What better combination can you get than a hot cup of coffee or tea and reading your favourite book?

Sibang Bakery

Sibang Bakery is a Korean patisserie offering fresh bakes Korean style, and reaffirming our belief that no matter where we go, it usually comes down to just that one thing to unite the world. In this case, it might be one of their iced brews with a sharp and delicious coffee note that will have us crossing one wrist over the other and doing the dance for the next few hours.

Madison & Pike

It is a small cafe located in Nirvana Courtyard which is perfect for a sunday breakfast (if you do happen to wake up on time). You don't have to feel guilty about stepping out because they have a lot of healthy eating options in terms of their sandwiches, salads and paninis.

Sakley's The Mountain Cafe

Missing the mountains? Head to Sakley's which is a mountain-themed cafe with your gang of friends or go alone to read or catch up on work. They also have nice vintage music playing in the background.

Brick N Bean Cafe

Italians may not have invented coffee but coffee compliments Italian food really well. This is proven once again by Brick N Bean Cafe with their pasta, risotto, pizza and coffee.

House #309 By Sweet Obsession

This place is built as a vintage French house on Golf Course Road. While it can be slightly expensive, the money spent will be worth it. It is too cute to not visit at least once. Take your mom out for a much needed date here, they will love it!

Greenr Cafe

Greenr Cafe is not only beautiful but also considerate towards its clients with vegan and gluten-free options in the menu. They are an all vegetarian cafe and have interesting coffee options on their menu including Peanut Butter Latte and Mushroom Magic Wellness Latte.

Fifth Avenue Bakery & Cafe

This cafe will take you to New York with their theme, ambience, and menu. They are also a pet-friendly cafe so take your furry friends out for a long due date here. You can also play with the in-house beagle - Coco.

C'est La Vie

C'est La Vie has an all day breakfast menu which we love and their coffee is made using freshly roasted and ground on site coffee which they source from South India.

Fig At Museo

Located inside a camera museum, Fig At Museo has an awesome outdoor space and equally awesome coffee. They also serve up healthy and conscious food that's delicious.


When we found out PAUL is coming to India, we couldn't have been more excited. Go here for good coffee and even better pastries to have with your cuppa. 


Looking for deliveries? Check out these places that deliver the best of coffees to your doorsteps.


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